The Doc Is In


One of the first companies in the country to exclusively implement the practice of conditioned/unvented crawlspaces, despite common belief and building codes.


The process of conditioning crawl spaces had so much success it created an entirely new industry, of which we were pioneers.


We pride ourselves in providing a large variety of products, services and insight needed to fit our clients’ individual needs.


Never like a big box store, our business is run with a compassion for your family’s well-being, just as we have for our own.


to provide professional, reliable and

friendly service of the highest standards

to its customers and community.


My name is Matt Deiters. I have been servicing the Marion County and Hamilton County area for Crawlspace Doctor since 2004. In June of 2008 I acquired the Johnson Co., and Shelby Co. area.I have been performing work in Crawlspaces for ten years. I have been with Crawlspace Doctor for four years. I joined the Crawlspace Doctor team after seeing a few of their crawlspaces. I joined because of the quality of work and also the difference it made to the quality of the crawlspace itself.

In the last 4 years I have seen a lot of improvements in our process and in our industry. We work as a big team at Crawlspace Doctor sharing ideas that work for each one of us. Our processes are scientifically proven to work. You may refer to the web site crawlspaces.org.

We treat every customer as we wish to be treated. We have found great success in doing business in this way. We look forward to serving all our customers the ones we have already done and the ones to come.

  We spent thousands of dollars with a local company that did a very sloppy job and didn’t do what they had promised. Luckily we consulted with Tom and he went down into the crawl space and took pictures to show us what was going on. I certainly didn’t want to go in there, especially before Tom did his thing. The bottom line, Tom fixed the problem and we went from standing water in the crawl space to a dry crawlspace. Tom came by several times and checked his work, sometimes in the snow. He sticks by his work and will work hard until you are satisfied. Trust us, if we had gone with Tom from the beginning we would have saved money and had it done right the first time. I can’t recommend his services enough  

Ed – Bloomington, Indiana

  Our offices were so damp and musty that sometimes it was hard to breath. The floors had swollen and were buckling in several places. You could actually feel the moisture on the walls. Our expensive recording equipment was deteriorating by the day. The Crawlspace Doctor fixed it all in a few days and has come by a number of times in the last year and a halfjust to check and make sure that everything is OK (at no charge–and the problems have never returned). We have been very satisfied. You’ll love Tom, he really is ‘the crawl space doctor. 

Hoosier Rehearsal Studios, Inc. – Bloomington, Indiana